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As a Christian, as some point in your life with Christ you've likely asked the question, "What's God's plan/purpose for me?"  If you've been a Believer for quite some time and still don't have the answer, then the heart of the problem could be ... a problem of the heart.  The problem is not your blood-pumping organ but your character qualities.
No doubt there are professing Christians who wonder (or should wonder) why their lifestyles are not so different from non-Believers.  It's because they have character deficiencies not totally surrendered to the Lord.
If you fall in this category, or if you're unsure if you do, then this book is for you.  Why? Because your character drives your destiny.  You may or may not be on the right track to fulfill God's plan and purpose for your life based on your character traits.
David challenges you to join him on a journey of discovery and as-needed change so you too are destined to help satisfy His master plan.
1st EDITION AVAILABLE through Amazon
in paperback or Kindle format




Customer Review:

"Good reading, good writer." Mike Darling

Customer Review:

So David left this book on my dining room table this morning before he and Marina headed out, about 2 hours later I picked it up and began to read. Through the day I stopped my chores, finished up school responsibility's with Gkids, etc. I would find myself hungry to read more, so out the door to my quiet place I would head and a reading I would go. Till now I just finished it and handed it off to a friend staying with us. I have known David for 28 years as I am married to Marina's brother. In that time, this is the longest I have heard him talk, very quiet man. Thank you Lord for putting this task in his heart. What a ride, made me look at myself in a whole new light. I have always believed that God can take a bad situation and turn it around to give Him the deserved glory and this book reiterates my belief. I would recommend we all take this walk with David and his never ceasing desire to please the Lord! Read it , read it, read it!

Download the complimentary (free) Study Guide (in PDF format), which will walk you (as an individual or small-group leader) through the "Beyond any Mask - What Kind of Godly Character Are You?" book material in an eight (8)-session time period.

Study Guide Customer Review:

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that we completed the study of your book about six weeks ago.  What a powerful book! We all felt challenged and really appreciate the content and openness you shared throughout the pages.  The members of our small group wanted me to give you a sincere "thanks" and to tell you that they would be honored to meet you someday."  Mark Young

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