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As you’ve likely gathered from perusal of this website, we (David and Marina) are all about living a life of Godly integrity, individually and collectively (i.e., as a married couple and also as ministry partners). Having hearts pursuing a lifestyle “after God’s own heart,” we’re anxious and eager to share what the Holy Spirit has taught us, and encourage others to join us on our quest to truly be followers of Christ, 24 x 7. Do David and Marina have it all together? Certainly not but we know to lean on the Holy Spirit daily to help us negotiate life. As we’re careful to make sure the correct, three-stranded cord (consisting of Christ, David, and Marina) is not easily broken, we find that life is so much more real than what the world has to offer.

David and Marina are available to offer the following ministry services:

Teaching the "Beyond Any Mask: What Kind of Godly Character Are You?"

1.  Conference/Seminar Session

4 hour session

>Friday evening 30 minute Session as part of dinner and/or praise and worship night with remainder to be covered on a Saturday morning.

>Alternatively, the entire conference/seminar could be covered all on Saturday.

Although we are not certified Christian counselors, we’re open to talk with couples or one-on-one (male to male and/or female to female) to see where we (under Holy Spirit guidance) might be of help. Having been married thirty-six (36) years, we’ve experienced some stuff.  We have shared some good experiences, some not so good, and some downright ugly experiences.

We are always available to pray for your needs while in person at ministry event or remotely (i.e., if we learn of a need from the contact us form).

Sharing the Gospel (the Good News of Christ’s salvation) is a key component of every ministry opportunity.

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